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"REAL Nutrition is more than a class. It's a lasting system, for lasting change."

What is REAL Nutrition?

REAL Nutrition is an 8 module series providing the foundation for healthy changes that fit your lifestyle and can withstand the test, and stress, of daily life. REAL challenges you to see beyond weight, counting calories and restricting food groups. The program empowers you to build a future that makes wellbeing a REAL priority.

Restricting foods and shaming behaviors have no place in a healthy, REAL life. Rigid meal plans come with millions of guarantees, with results that fall short and don't last. Research shows that long-term calorie restriction can even harm metabolism, making it more difficult to maintain a healthy weight in the future.  


Restrictive diets have no place at a REAL table.

REAL Nutrition introduces a food-forward approach that can be customized to fit your lifestyle. The program series is meant to challenge, inspire and encourage sustainable healthy habits. It won't ask you to give up dessert at parties or avoid pizza or become a sous chef. REAL Nutrition will challenge your attitude toward food, diets and cooking.


Are you ready to ditch the diet mentality and make lasting REAL changes?

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Why Get REAL?

Because Diets Really Don't Work.  

REAL Testimonials

REAL Nutrition has been inspiring change since January 2019. REAL participants have made lasting changes at home, reduced stress in the kitchen, achieved healthier weights and discovered a respect and appreciation for food flavors and preparation. 

The most valuable was personal ways to meal plan and shopping suggestions. The shopping suggestions decreased the time I needed for meal prep!


The pantry activity for meal planning was helpful!


The REAL handouts and cooking demo were excellent. I loved how the instructor provided examples that everyone could apply in their own life.


I use the nutrition REAL Spectrum WEEKLY when meal prepping. I’ve also used it to help others (mostly my mom) learn what foods to focus on.

I loved Class Five where I learned so much more about spices and cutting. 

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