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Our REAL Dietitians 

The Registered Dietitians who designed REAL Nutrition get it. Yes, they often cook perfectly balanced, plant-forward meals, but both like bacon and pizza, too. They balance challenges every week including putting healthy meals on the table that their families will actually eat. As working moms, juggling a variety of commitments and personal interests, they get it. The struggle is REAL. 

These Michigan State University grads don't sugar-coat, excuse the pun. They're here to bring solutions that have worked for their clients and family over the past 35 years of combined experience, ideas to keep you inspired and a framework to stand on year after year. 


During more than two decades of nutrition coaching, Wendy realized clients seeking to maintain a healthy weight often fell into one or both categories: extreme food restriction or hefty self-judgment. With a focus on these messages, long-term success and lasting lifestyle changes were doomed to fail from the start. Through the REAL Program, Wendy shares her love for eating intuitively and promoting self reflection to inspire effective change.


A truly healthy outside must start from the inside, and with attention to our body, mind and environment we can nurture sustainable well-being. 


Sarah understands people want to eat food that tastes good. She noticed clients frustrated with how their healthier meals tasted, ultimately leading them to ditch their plans. Baked chicken and steamed broccoli week in and week out simply doesn't cut it. She uses her love for cooking to expand her clients' kitchen know-how, challenging them to be more adventurous in their approach to healthy food. 


"Work smarter, not harder" is this self-proclaimed lazy cook's favorite mantra. This efficient approach to healthy eating brings a fresh eye to REAL Nutrition, making it doable for the average, busy cook. ​

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