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Can Food Affect Mood?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Recent research helps illuminate the complex role food plays in influencing your mood.

Fuel your body efficiently.

Choose wisely.

Eat a sweet snack, such as candy or a sugary donut, and you'll get a spike of energy, soon followed by a crashing low. Sugar highs and lows are one of the many ways food can affect how you feel.

You may need to pace yourself.

Eat often enough

Eating consistent meals and snacks each day can keep your blood sugar levels stable. Include a protein and carbohydrate source at each meal or snack to meet energy needs.

Regulate your day.

Avoid skipping meals

It's tempting to rush out the door without breakfast, but skipping meals makes your body less able to regulate hunger, irritable, and apt to overeat at the next meal.

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