Make the most of your REAL experience. 

Welcome to REAL Nutrition! Explore our FAQ's and intro video below to discover how to join our supportive community, what to expect from your REAL experience and tips for getting the most out of the program.

It's time to get REAL! 

How do I become a REAL Nutrition community member?

Becoming a REAL Nutrition member grants you access to online content and allows you to engage with the REAL community. You can complete this step in your browser or you can download the Wix app and become a member there. Go to Log In – Choose an email and password, and check "Join this site's community" then click SIGN UP. Once you become a REAL Nutrition member you will be able to interact with others sharing in the journey.

What is the structure of REAL Nutrition?

Each week of REAL Nutrition consists of:

Live, virtual class (Classes are recorded, but live participation is ideal.)

Weekly web content (Tools and handouts, video)

Weekly engagement activity to post in the REAL Community

Participating in both the live class and content tasks are key to your REAL success.

Please, ensure you've received and accepted the electronic calendar invites from your organization for the entire class series.

How do I engage with the REAL Community?

Post your comments, feedback and support in the REAL Community.

  • Access the Forum via the direct link found on the weekly content page, OR if you’d like to return to it anytime or view other posts, feel free to click through to the REAL Community (a sub-page under Your REAL Prorgram) after logging in.
  • Each distinct week has it’s own engagement thread. The more you engage, the more you and your group will benefit! Post photos, ideas and comment on others progress. Please keep posts useful and on topic!

How do I change my profile and privacy settings?

Find the drop down arrow near your member photo, click and choose "Profile." Select "Edit", then you can set your name. You can use your real name, a nickname or even your favorite food, just make it fun and friendly!

  • Change your photo
  • Set your screenname for the REAL Community
  • Adjust your Privacy settings
  • Turn off Notifications, if desired

What do I do if content is not loading?

If you're trying to open the content page for a weekly class but nothing is loading and you see a white screen, try clearing your cache and cookies found within your browswer history. You should only have to do this once.

How do I contact my instructor?

If you have a question for your REAL Instructor you can address it two ways. Feel free to drop it in the chat of your live weekly class, or send an email to your instructor. You'll receive their contact information in the initial class email. Please do NOT reach out using the "Contact Us" page on the REAL Nutrition website.

Looking for guidance? 

Watch the video below as a REAL instructor guides you through site membership step by step.