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The REAL Story
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With experience comes wisdom.
And exasperation. ​

"Well, I know corn is bad for me, but..." 

"I was so bad last week. I had two brownies!"

"I'm on a diet. Hold the carbs, please." 

This is a mere glimpse into the restrictive and shaming mentalities REAL Dietitians Wendy Brookhouse and Sarah Van Eerden have heard over their long careers in nutrition. With a drive to teach clients how to let go of past experiences and create a working kitchen system to move them forward in health, REAL Nutrition was born.  

Inspired by a passion to promote wellbeing, REAL is a program born of self-love, a graceful food foundation and delicious recipes. 

Behind REAL Nutrition

REAL Dietitians Wendy and Sarah share the secrets behind the success of REAL Nutrition. Listen as they relive favorite class moments and discover why they're so proud of this impactful program. 

Breaking Down REAL

Setting You Up For Success.

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Education ​

The foundation of REAL Nutrition is The REAL Spectrum, a nutrient-focused guide created by our Registered Dietitians. The tool breaks down meal planning by macronutrient, and through the program clients learn how the body responds to various foods, and how to honor what their body needs rather than what a meal plan tells them to eat.

Grocery Shopping
Implementation ​

REAL Nutrition provides instruction and inspiration to gain confidence and be creative in the kitchen. The program assists in planning and preparing healthy, delicious meals that you crave, respecting your unique needs and tastes. Participants can bring their food influences and family traditions in the REAL Nutrition system and eat healthy, delicious food they love. 

Motivation ​

REAL doesn't ignore the challenges in life. The REAL dietitians have worked with thousands of clients and understand that no two people have the same stresses or barriers. The program encourages participants to plan ahead for bumps in the road, setting the stage for long-term success and an action plan when the going gets tough. 

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